Dr Alane Izu



Dr Alane Izu is a biostatistician at the Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Analytics (VIDA) Research Unit of the University of the Witwatersrand. She also holds a joint appointment as lecturer in the School of Pathology at the University of Witwatersrand. Alane received her PhD in Biostatistics from Harvard University School of Public Health. In September 2011, she joined Wits VIDA for a post-doctoral fellowship.

Alane has served as the primary statistician on observational studies and clinical trials in the unit and has experience in both frequentist and Bayesian methods. She has worked on a number of studies evaluating and analysing the efficacy of vaccines, the immunogenicity following vaccination, seasonal associations of respiratory diseases, impact of treatment programs, modelling infectious diseases over time, and exploring possible candidates for a correlate of protection against invasive GBS disease.

Alane has also been actively involved in mentoring, tutoring and supervising students at Wits VIDA in Biostatistics as well as volunteering her time as a lecturer and a reviewer for PhD protocol assessments at the University of Witwatersrand School of Public Health.

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