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Over 25 years of cutting-edge research in life-saving vaccines and infectious diseases

The Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Analytics (“VIDA”) Research Unit of the University of the Witwatersrand (“Wits”), is an African-led research unit that combines clinical, microbiological and epidemiological expertise to deliver scientific breakthroughs in the field of vaccines and infectious diseases. We strive to make a meaningful difference to the communities around us, as well as at a global level through pioneering work led by accomplished teams.

Research Focus Areas

Wits VIDA’s current focus areas include next-generation vaccines against rotavirus and TB, as well as development of novel vaccines targeted at pregnant women to protect their young infants against the leading causes of sepsis and pneumonia.

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Research Unit

Under the guidance of Professor Shabir Madhi, Wits VIDA is training the next generation of clinician scientists.

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A dedicated portal for information, resources and expert analysis in the field of vaccines & infectious diseases. Advice from our professors in the Faculty of Health Sciences and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases.

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