Catherine Hill

Chief Operating Officer


As COO at Wits VIDA, Catherine is responsible for executive business management, sustainability and development for a dynamic research unit of 500+ staff operating over 80 active research projects (epidemiology & surveillance including a leading African Health Demographic Surveillance System, over 30 current clinical trials and various basic science and laboratory collaborations). Based in Soweto, South Africa, in collaboration with the third largest hospital in the world (Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic), the unit’s work spans pre- and clinical development of vaccines through to long-term child health and mortality surveillance, and includes an accomplished clinical trials facility as well as established research laboratory.

In addition to having executive project oversight of nationally coordinated multi-center studies (such as the South African Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine trial) and international collaborative studies (such as the Eswatini COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation and Effectiveness Study), Catherine is also involved in the development of the unit’s social behavioral sciences capability and provides communications, stakeholder engagement and project strategy expertise to various projects.


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