Project Description

The femoral deformity in Blount’s disease: a comparative study of infantile, juvenile and adolescent Blount’s disease.

Background: An associated femoral deformity in patients with Blount’s disease is not commonly described in the literature. The objective of this study is to establish the presence and magnitude of deformity in the coronal plane of the distal femur in children of all ages with Blount’s disease and compare this to a matched cohort of children from the same population. This was a retrospective review of patients from an academic hospital.

Author List: Firth GB, Ngcakani A, Ramguthy Y, Izu A, Robertson A.

Journal Name: J Pediatr Orthop B. 2020 Jul;29(4):317-322. doi: 10.1097/BPB.0000000000000722. PMID: 32479715.

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