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Response to Zhao and Zhou: Diagnosis of HIV infection in breastfed infants of mothers on antiretroviral therapy.

Background: We thank Zhao and Zhou [1] for their thoughtful comments on our report of two infants born to women with HIV who had unusual trajectories of diagnostic tests. The two HIV-exposed infants were initially positive on nucleic acid amplification tests in the first month of life but had multiple negative tests during breastfeeding and presented with definitive evidence of HIV infection around the time of breastfeeding cessation.

Author List: Strehlau R, Paximadis M, Sherman GG, Abrams EJ, Tiemessen CT, Kuhn L.

Journal Name: AIDS. 2020 Apr 1;34(5):798-799. doi: 10.1097/QAD.0000000000002483. PMID: 32167995; PMCID: PMC7111299.

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